Photo: Sarah Prikryl

1 : 1

One on one time creates a brave safe space and allows blind spots to be revealed and healed. A time to hone in on specific terrains and acquire sourced tools to be here, day to day, in our human suits. To bring home the imaginations of the body.



Some Potential of Where We Can Go:


Revealing + Healing

Leadership Revolution

Life Matters

The Quickie
The Quickie is for those very specific hot issues that need a sweet and swift approach.
A fresh perspective.



The Journey
On The Journey we will pick up specific threads of your life and create a tailor made shamanic crossing.
Using varied creative healing tools we will step into the perfect balance of ordinary and extraordinary mapping towards the via transformitiva.  There is preparatory work in between each crossing.

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“There is no doubt we need warriors in the world – all kinds of warriors guarding and fighting for a sense of justice and balance – holding us personally and collectively accountable for the health and well being of all. Kate is a warrior of the human spirit, helping each one of us who are lucky to know her and work with her to rise to the challenge to discover all the messy and glorious edges of our own humanity. There are no promises to her work, there are no desired outcomes however the journey of embracing the ocean of exsitence will deliver you to yourself in ways that are playful, celebratory tender and raw … She is glorious and I love her for it.”


SAM RODDICK, Activist and Creative Strategist

“Kate acknowledges fear, but never runs from it. This to me is key in a good teacher; with a fearless leader encouraging you, you are unafraid to lead yourself.”


LEE HARRIS, Channeler, Spiritual Author and Speaker

Kate is a force of nature. A cosmic muse with feet deeply rooted in the earth.
She has an innate ability to tap into the deepest feeling layers and connect with you, spirit to spirit. Generations and lifetimes of wisdom pour from her in the form of movement and language. A personal guide into your deepest self. I have the deepest love and respect for Kate.”



“As a healer Kate has rescued me from a literal possession, freeing me from an entity that had almost consumed all of me and for that I am ever grateful… She is a Queen of dark jewels.”


LEA HONEY, Architect