Photo: Sarah Prikryl

Kate is a dynamic shapeshifter, a potent shamanic healer and seer. She brings transformational medicine to every dance floor.
A catalyst with heart who creates life retrievals. She drops into the belly of listening and draws out the innate healer in each of us.
Kate possesses a bold improvisational style and a passionate sense of humour that enables magic to ooze into the everyday moments.
She’s a Londoner living in LA.


Kate is the co-founder of The 360 Emergence with Amber Ryan.
She sees private clients for healing and 1 on 1 mentoring.


She has collaborated with The Ojai Foundation, Gay Men’s Groups, Eve Ensler, The Polish National Ballet, Sony, The British Association of Anger Management, Summit at Sea, Summit LA and The Omega Institute. Has worked with ordinary extraordinary humans from most walks of life including: Rites of Passage for Teenagers, Medical Students, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Drama Students, Business Women and Men. Kate is a trained massage therapist and worked for two decades as a wardrobe stylist in fashion magazines, film, runway and television. Kate conducts a diverse brave space where the vulnerable real and the extraordinary raw are welcomed, harnessed and integrated.

“Kate is a living treasure with an inimitable gift to usher so many of us through life’s greatest challenges using a remarkable combination of movement fused with infinite wisdom. She is truly masterful.”


Founder and Director of  Shine On Sierra Leone, Humanitarian and Casting Director

“Within minutes of my first session with Kate, her instructions moved through my body like a set of keys unlocking gates. Her immersions have led me to discover hidden patterns of physical and mental tension and shown me ways to move into them, move through them and then move on. Kate is the kind of teacher that will shed light on the path, but she ain’t gonna walk it for you. With precision and fierce compassion she sets a sacred stage, while creating the safest of containers for whoever is willing to step in and go as far as they want to go.”


Yoga Instructor & Musician

“Kate Shela is uniquely and authentically herself in a world of wannabes. She doesn’t have to say a word, she IS what she teaches; her embodied wisdom is rare and precious. Kate’s living philosophy and healing practice has evolved me as a man, as a martial artist, and as a human being. She is a Warrior in her own right and I am grateful for the example she lives and breathes.”


Holistic Health Practitioner

Kate Shela is the most wonderful, inspiring, fun, bullshit-detecting, provocative teacher. If you want to shake up your world in a way that is both fun and profound this is your woman. She is so brilliant that I had no choice but to marry her.


Singer/Songwriter/Dancer in the Band James