Photo: Sarah Prikryl

Welcome to Vitamin Dance.

A virtual container to dance, feel, recycle and connect.

Vitamin Dance
with Kate Shela

The 360 Emergence is a free-form movement practice which straddles the line between dance and personal growth, between rigor and freedom, between individuality and community.
It is a perspective changing embodiment process designed to bring out your optimal potential through somatic exploration + phenomenal music. A curated crucible for the ever changing human.

10 am California Time via Zoom

Registry Information

Once your registration is complete, The Lab details will be emailed to you. You will also find the Link to the individual Lab in your payment receipt. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email info@the360


The Lab will begin at
10 am California time on Saturdays.

The room will open a half-hour early for technical support for those who may need it.

Creating a Safe Online Container


Code of Ethics

●   To tend to your own nervous system or sense of privacy, you can turn off your camera at any point. 

●   Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behavior on screen, or in the chat will be removed by the Host.

●   With Zoom, you have the ability to “pin” or partner with another participant. This feature only changes your view. There is no way of directly knowing whether or not someone has pinned your video. If you would like to choose not to be pinned by another participant we simply request that you turn your video off. Turning your video on is the indicator that you offer your consent for another participant to pin you. If you would like to plan a partnered dance you can chat or text with another participant directly.

●    The entire session, including the shares, will be recorded by our session host. This recording is for internal use only and will not be shared. The only screen being recorded during the dance will be the screen of the teacher, keeping the privacy of our students intact.


●   Make sure your viewing device is plugged in or charged fully.

●   Wear comfortable clothing.

●   Please set your space in a way that feels good to you.

●   Please have your water close by.

“Kate Shela and The 360 Emergence changed my life. Before I met her, I had all the pieces of a good life and a sense of who I really was but I couldn’t quite put it together. I’d been to shrinks, meditations, finding yourself groups, Jungians, endless healers. Kate changed everything. Within less than a year, I am at a point in my life that I only dreamt of before. My career went stratospheric-because I could step into who I really was and I am in the best relationship I have ever had with a great man. Kate’s immersions and shamanic healing literally taught me how to have a relationship. She also taught me that you can be strong and vulnerable at exactly the same time.”


SASHA MARKOVA, Creative Director of The Period Company

Creative Director of the Gangs of Kosmos

I have had the honor of moving with Kate . It is an experience we can ALL benefit from. The body exercising its right to be, in any way it needs to heal. Kate facilitates this with a wisdom that I trust implicitly. With tenderness, compassion and a sweet silliness that frees you to move into yourself at last.”


CREE SUMMER, Musician + Actress