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14 - 16  September



20 - 23 September



28 - 30 September

Love's Anatomy


16 - 20 October


Joshua Tree, CA

11 - 13 January 2019




14- 16 September
Melbourne, Australia

Turbulent Times. Deep Despair. Rapturous Rage. Profound Possibilities. Gorgeous Grace.

What bomb, fire, tsunami, hurricane, conversation has awakened you to the fact that we are now in the days of deep inter-connection and the walls are coming down every day in every way?

I am interested in exploring how difficulty shapes us and forges courage and clear sight. I am interested in examining how committed life-living leads to a deeper appreciation of a breathing beating heart. What happens when you go off the map and out into the abyss? What resources do you look for in yourself, what steps do you need to make to transform, re-member and heal? To choose acceptance and forgiveness over a hardened bitterness.

Through the back streets and front lines of our stories, we will seek to uncover how grace can lead us on.

Contact: Moving Essence

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20 - 23 September
Sydney, Australia

Many of us live alone or in a nuclear family in our own little boxes, dis-connected from each other and dis-connected from ourselves. We have so much and yet so little. We come together in our version of community through workshop and retreat. In the workshop HOME we will begin to explore our common dream for mutual support and to find our place within the whole. Our wish to become a part of the whole, rather than apart from the whole. Not a place of suffocation but knowing that one is held invisibly in the thread of life. A tribe of individuals. The intent for our time together is to create a sanctuary for group healing. To discover where our place is in the circle and what gifts we have to offer and receive. To come home to ourselves and into a state of homecoming.

Contact: M Mahrer

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Love's Anatomy

A Heartbeat Workshop
28 - 30 September
Mullumbimby, Australia

In Love’s Anatomy we will navigate through the coding of our heart’s behavior and track the morse code of our heart’s twists and turns. See how we push and pull, say yes and no, struggle with the knots and sometimes glide into seamless connection with others. We will retrace some of our scars and sacrifices, some of our trials and tattoos, some of our privilege and promise and see what dances emerge from our heart. We will explore the ebb and flow of together, apart and the extraordinary landscape of the space between.

Moving through the landscape of the 5Rhythms® Waves and Heartbeat maps, we will experience what it is to embody ourselves fully and know that our emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Compassion are vital life essence required for us to be whole human beings, living and breathing with a spontaneous capacity to be present in every moment.

Contact: Geash

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With Amber Ryan, Kevin Courtney and Lawrence Novick
16 - 20 October
Joshua Tree, CA USA

We are on the road to no where and that is where our true education begins
Walk yourself into the epicenter of Zero
Where physical and spiritual matter crisscross
Back down to zero we will go
Silence our pathway
Music our guide
Body our divining rod
The archetypal crossroads exploration of the holy zen punk monk and the profane taboo jester 
We will drink in equal measure wholeness, emptiness, fullness
Meeting the intrinsic natural knowing that we are everyone
Creating our own small space within the boundless
There is nothing to a void.
We are no one and every one.

Contact: Amber

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11 - 13 January 2019
Vancouver, Canada

Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
Come to the edge!
And they came, 
and we pushed
and they flew.
Christopher Logue

Three days of leaping into the unknown.
I wont say anymore - or it wouldnt be unknown.

Contact: Bettina

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""What one doesn't make conscious, becomes their fate" Carl Jung, You 'create' a 'space' for 'me' and for the Collective to see in and out. I take the work with me. It is inspiring work. My life and creative work expands because of your love and penetrating insight. I give thanks that my journey has introduced me to what you have provided for the world!"
Leif Tilden, Director

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