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"Kate makes me want to dance and dance"

"I warmly invite you to work with Kate Shela, a shamanic healer and teacher of rare ability, whose roots are in the rich, dark soil of authentic spirituality and who walks in two worlds offering potent and challenging adventures in both. You are in good hands."

"Kate Shela is a masterful instructor, guiding you through a unique spiritual and meditative exploration of the body, mind, and soul.  She leads 5Rhythms students on a journey of unrestrained movement thus fostering a better understanding of the body and mind connection.  Her class embodies the true essence of spiritual forgiveness and the potential for complete renewal and self.  Kate emanates a sense of safety and calm, tenderness and power. At Soho Dance LA Kate Shela has created an open, pure space for students to let go and find themselves free in the rhythm. Kate's class gave me an improved sense of well-being that I look forward to experiencing again.”
Raul Santiago, 2016 World Latin Hustle Champion

"Kate fucking Shela!! I love this woman.
She is a bold sacred treasure of vibrating flesh, great hair, poetry, soundscapes of perfection and divine wit and wisdom. Damn, we are so lucky to have her in LA.
I’ve danced my armor away until I didn’t know where I was anymore, and that’s a rare wonderful gift. Her enormous capacity to hold 90+ people with such intimacy and love is profound medicine that blows my body open every time. There is no place in the quick fad dance/fitness world of Los Angeles that one can go to sweat through every layer of clothing but never lose sight of their spirit and embodied experience. In both her 5Rhythms classes and the Way of the Melissae retreat, I have gone places where words cannot describe. Simply said, I’ve been led by Kate to the doorsteps of Love, Truth, Beauty and Embodied Spirit."
Rie Katagari, choreographer/dancer/erotic movement arts

"Kate’s practice of weaving shamanic healing with the 5Rhythms dance creates a space where nothing short of revelation and inspiration is possible. In any of Kate’s workshops, she facilitates the sacred and the profane. I clear my schedule any time Kate is in Olympia. I would do the same wherever I lived in the world precisely so I could live better in this world."
Sandra Yannone, Poet and Educator

"I assisted Kate Shela on her Australia tour in 2016. This was a high point of my 15 years of dancing and 5 years as a teacher of the 5Rhythms. What I saw unfolding in the room, with both teacher and student eyes, is that Kate's work is transformational. I experienced and witnessed profound shifts for people in a way that words cannot explain. Somehow, with a unique mix of potency and gentleness, irreverence and passion, vigor and humour, Kate encourages dancers into deep states where soul retrieval becomes possible. It is shamanic medicine. It is healing. I left the room inspired to be a better teacher and student of life. I could not ask for any more from a colleague, teacher or a trustworthy friend.”
David Juriansz, Director Moving Essence, Melbourne, Australia

"I met Kate Shela in puberty. Fast friends and fashion sisters we dove deep into the shamanic vibrating pool known as Gabrielle Roth. On the synchronized swimming team the 5Rhythms we learned to tread that water together and channel spirit through our limbs. Energetically I see her as fire on water. She taught me how to metaphorically 'surf in high heels', a skill that continues to save my life. I have often, when asked, described her unique teaching style as 'Gabrielle on acid'. Now shifted into the puberty of my maturity we continue to mirror each other’s essences upon request with fierce tenderness and artistic respect.Through the lens of the 5Rhythms WAVE perspective. Here is my KATE WAVE in quotes from the inspired.

"Some women fear the fire some women simply become it." R.H. Sin

"She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire." Charles Bukowski

"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it." Michelle K

"You torment yourself wondering how they could not love your burning heart. And the answer darling, you are not the star you thought you were. You are the fucking universe and not everybody is an astronaut" Wild Moon Woman

"I want real, raw existence. I want to be on my death bed yelling Fuck that was good." Joe Straynge
Martha Peabody, Founder 5Rhythms Visual

"Kate is far, far more than a 'teacher': She is a magus, a shaman, an electronic Kokopelli and a loving friend who uses dance, rhythm and movement to cut through the underbrush of habit and fear so you can discover a path to your authentic, sweaty, and blessed self."
Stanley Young, Executive

"Kate Shela is a vivid, radiant and exhilarating teacher. The adventures she leads delving into the spirit of dance, open the way to uncovering the dark fertile places of the soul, body and heart and she navigates these explorations with an irresistible and artful grace."

"Kate's a catalyst. Of the super-turbo-charged kind. What am I talking about? I've had the privilege of working with the best of our Western & Eastern Magicians since the 70's. And what works about Kate – I won't explain it because she is not a riddle to figure out – she's a dancer with the Mystery – that much I can tell you. I will describe: with big love, major laughter and totally compassionate determination toward your higher good- – she sticks with you, and the environment she spins really makes a superb container for magic. Magic like waking up, gently & effulgently to your own self. Like shedding the dark carapace. Which is a total blast. And it stays with you, not just a peak experience. SO GO. These are dry, desert days. Go Be with her. She's a well, quite deep and an oasis in hard times. I've followed her around as best I can, even trying to lure her to my 'hood for classes – because she can't be beat. No kidding.
Loraine Masterton, Actor, healing arts practitioner

"As a healer Kate has rescued me from a literal possession, freeing me from an entity that had almost consumed all of me and for that I am ever grateful... She is a Queen of dark jewels."

"Within minutes of my first session with Kate, her instructions moved through my body like a set of keys unlocking gates. Her workshops have led me to discover hidden patterns of physical and mental tension and shown me ways to move into them, move through them and then move on. Kate is the kind of teacher that will shed light on the path, but she ain't gonna walk it for you. With precision and fierce compassion she sets a sacred stage, while creating the safest of containers for whoever is willing to step in and go as far as they want to go."
Kevin Courtney, Yoga Instructor & Musician

"Kate Shela is a passionate force of nature. I am a devotee of her 5Rhythms class as well as being a recipient of her shamanic healing work. In both worlds she courageously leads her students into the language of their bodies to help unlock any emotional, psychological and spiritual barriers that prevent any of us from living from our powerful and creative Self. Her sense of humor and her unwavering commitment to dive into her own shadow translates as compassion and grace. She is a gifted and fearless healer who will go into any territory to create healing. However you can, find yourself in her presence."

"Kate Shela is the most wonderful, inspiring, fun, bullshit-detecting, provocative teacher. If you want to shake up your world in a way that is both fun and profound this is your woman. She is so brilliant that I had no choice but to marry her."

"Working with Kate Shela gave me back my spirit, courage, life force, and was tremendously healing. After few hours working with her, I healed issues that may have taken years to heal with traditional therapy. Her ability to move between realms, her generous flowing heart, incredible intellect, shamanic storytelling gifts all managed to free me from some post traumatic issues I was dealing with. Her energy, passion, will, and spirit are forces to be reckoned with. I feel so utterly grateful and blessed that I had a chance to work with this magical creature, this beautiful woman."
Shiva Rose, Creator of lifestyle site The Local Rose

"Working with Kate Shela and Naomi Lewis in Arte Triptych has been the most extraordinary and transformative journey in my life. Their methods of imparting wisdom in a truly heartfelt way allows each and every woman to find herself in her own womanhood and share her creative gifts in her own unique way. These women are truly amazing. Their loving presence; along with gentleness, strength and sheer truth shine forth and encourage all in their presence to be the best person they can be at any given moment. They are immensely ordinary human beings who will guide and support all in their care and who refuse to put up with the nonsense that we all bring to group situations. In other words, they have the ability to see through your defences and ego driven games and deal with them as necessary, so that the group moves forward and progresses as a whole community without leaving anyone behind. I can only endorse all that has been so eloquently said and written about them and their work and am truly thankful to have the opportunity to work with them."

"Kate Shela knows something. I'm not certain what it is, but I know it's important. In her words and her movement, she shows us what it is to be alive in the body and how this embodiment is an essential part of being free."
Matthew Brensilver, PhD, Against The Stream Meditation Teacher

"A woman of deep integrity and profound reflection, she enables her students to journey into the unchartered territory of their innermost soul. And as a woman of great fire, passion and theater, she calls out the dynamic self expression of each person she meets, drawing us out beyond the limited boundaries we’ve placed ourselves in. Working with Kate enables us to better show up to offer our unique creative selves in our work, families and partnerships."

"It is no exaggeration to say that seeing Kate Shela for shamanic healing has changed my life. New vistas have opened up for me and I am doing things now which I would not have dreamed of before I came to see her."

"God! working with Kate is what I've been looking for, what I'm scared to death of. heaven. I'm sure there's more to come."

"In the 5Rhythms, I gain insight into what and who conditions my movement in the same way that in meditation I might see who's voices conditioned my critical mind...and Kate displays the fruit of her practice in her very being. She's for real. Dance here now!"

"Kate is the real thing: a goddess of the dance. Her class is a weekly
revelation, a soulful journey of surrender, self-discovery and awakening.
During the most difficult times of my life, I have found more healing on her
dance floor than any other place on Earth."

"I met Kate at the age of 13, as an insecure and pretty angry teenager! She was the catalyst for inspiring me to dance, let go and move that anger. I started the 5Rhythms dance practice with her on the Maiden Voyage, an incredible rites of passage journey for teenage girls, and have not stopped dancing since. As a teenager, the practice helped me to let go and not be so hard on myself and others. Working with Kate over the years has helped me to connect to my body and stay true to myself and my passions. I consequently felt I had the tools and support to step out into the world with confidence and to train as a midwife. Every time I come back to the dance, I get out of my head and into the body and essentially remember who I am. Now at 25, Kate is still the most amazing friend, and an inspirational teacher of the 5Rhythms. She is a warm hearted, fun, and dynamic woman and I would recommend any teenager to work with her."

"Kate offers a uniquely thoughtful teaching style that integrates wit and wisdom with humor and humility. The spirit and intention she brings to her work is deeply healing and wholly nourishing. When you are around Kate, you feel as if the truth is being told and allowed to be spoken. There can be no greater gift to offer others than the privilege to be themselves."

In my first ever weekend workshop in the 5Rhythms, Kate's teaching opened the door for me to discover vast inner depths of self and places of potent healing with others -- all through the spirit of the dance. Do you want to shed many layers in order to remember something very important you have forgotten? Do you want to be woven into deep pools of inter-relationship with your self and others? Do you want to dance, deeply, and know, intimately? With her humour, grace, compassion and inspiring ability to shake you out of your bullshit suit, Kate will give you the space to do all that and more. If you do not yet have an appointment to dance with Kate, please, make one."

"In a world where we relate on the surface, Kate's 5Rhythms teaching takes you deeper. Her whole real human self is present: laughter, mistakes, joys & vulnerabilities. Kate's bravery entices you to open up, connect, be real & vulnerable. Before you realize it, you are in deep waters, awakened, aware & gifts of huge learning come. Take the dive, enjoy the swim in the deep ocean with Kate."

"Kate's teaching is all about energy. Not just the sheer amount of
energy she brings to the sessions, but the quality of her attentiveness and responsiveness to other peoples."

"Kate acknowledges fear, but never runs from it. This to me is key in a good teacher; with a fearless leader encouraging you, you are unafraid to lead yourself."

"The Way of the Melissae workshop and the training Arte Triptych Melissae have introduced me to spiritual practices that are staggering in their beauty, power and scope. Their effects reverberate throughout my spirit, psyche and body, rippling out through my life. I am changed as a result, peeling off the layers of myself and in turn, opening to layers of the Universe hitherto unknown. As important as the impact of these teachings has been on me as an individual, the group undergoing the training together also has developed into a true sisterhood; a cradle of support and nourishment upon which we can, and do, rely heavily. We have been held, and deftly led through these exquisite teachings by two beautiful and loving women - Kate Shela and Naomi Lewis - whose ability to teach a diverse group of individuals never fails to inspire us all. They in turn are supported by an ancient lineage that feeds, sustains and directs the instruction. I can barely measure, much less describe, the value I place on this experience, which I know will continue to unfold throughout my life. I would not have missed a single moment of it for the world. And throughout all, the humming of the mighty honeybee leads us through her infinitesimal dance, a celebration of life and death."

"Kate holds a group with integrity and strength. She is real, clear and direct. She is dynamic and gentle, wild and controlled, fierce and soft, nurturing and daring, scary and uplifting. She pushes you further than you thought you could go and yet holds onto you if you start to fly out of your boots. Kate is a truly inspirational teacher!"