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The 5Rhythms is a cathartic form of dance for body, mind and heart developed by Gabrielle Roth. The practice itself is very simple. It is a map that can point you to the inherent wisdom of your own body. As well as being a great work out, a 5Rhythms class can be an opportunity to develop the skills of discipline, commitment and creativity, and to catalyze deep healing and self expression. All you need is the willingness to follow your feet into the next step.

As a newcomer please understand this is a practice - I recommend you attend at least 4 classes before you will have an inkling of the scope of the map. I have "practiced" this work for 25 years and am still in the landscape of discovery.
Each class is uniquely different, some days you may fly blissfully into trance states, on others you may wade through the molasses of the human condition. The practice - is to embody all of it.

The 5Rhythms are:


Flowing The fluid, continuous, grounded glide of our own movements. The Teacher of fluidity and reception. The Teacher of fluidity and reception.

Staccato The percussive, pulsing beat that shapes us a thousand different ways. The Teacher of clarification and communication.

Chaos The rhythm of letting go, releasing into the catalytic wildness of our dance that can never be planned or repeated. The Teacher of creativity and surrender.

Lyrical The rhythm of trance, we lighten up and relax into the patterns and repetitions of our lives. The Teacher of unification and integration.

Stillness The rhythm of emptiness, where gentle movements rise and fall, start and end, in a field of silence. The Teacher of harmony and grace.

Each rhythm is a teacher and you can expect to meet different and sometimes unknown aspects of yourself as your dance unfolds and your practice deepens over time. They come together to create a Wave, a movement meditation practice.

The 5Rhythms practice is rooted in the principle that if you put the body in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action.

See What's on for classes and workshops in the USA and internationally.

Books by Gabrielle Roth

Maps To Ecstasy (New World Library, 1989)
Sweat Your Prayers (Tarcher/Putnam, 1997)
Connections (Tarcher/Penguin, 2004)

Gabrielle by Robert Ansell (Raven Recording Inc 2015)

For more information about The 5Rhythms teachings, books, music and worldwide teachers go to www.5rhythms.com


"Kate Shela is a vivid, radiant and exhilarating teacher. The adventures she leads delving into the spirit of dance, open the way to uncovering the dark fertile places of the soul, body and heart and she navigates these explorations with an irresistible and artful grace."

Photo: Nilaya Sabnis

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