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The 360 Movement Lab

Discover a perspective changing embodiment process designed to bring out your optimal potential with somatic + sonic guide Kate Shela. Enter a 360 perspective housed in wholeness, sourced in seeing + and rooted in dance. A curated crucible for the ever changing human.

Every Wednesday • Class starts 28 August
8pm - 9.30pm •  Doors close 8.20pm

Every Saturday • Class starts 7 September
10am - 11.30am • Doors close 10.20am

SoHo Dance LA 1618 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, 90025

Single class: $25 cash or check only 
Maximum capacity for class is 130 dancers. So arrive early

Parking Help:
Soho Dance LA is located in the Louise Green Millinery Co. building located at 1618 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025. The streets East of Sepulveda do have parking that isn’t time limited, otherwise please mind the signs and meters.

Helpful Tips for Newcomers & Etiquette

Please understand embodiment is a practice.We recommend at least 4 classes before you will have an inkling of what might be happening. We have been practicing embodiment for over 25 years and are still in the landscape of discovery. Each class is uniquely different, some days we may fly blissfully into trance states on others we may wade through the molasses of our human condition. The offering is to embody all of our 360 degree humanity.

• Doors close 20mins after start of each class to create a safe held container.
• Payment accepted with cash and check only for Soho Dance LA.
• Maximum capacity for The Soho Dance class is 130 dancers. So arrive early.
• No children under 13 in the classrooms or to be left unattended in the foyer.
• This is a drug and alcohol free space.
• No phones, shazam, or recording devices - no photography or video allowed - and please turn off all notifications and ringers.

• Each person is responsible for their own well-being and body during the entire class - pace yourself. There is nothing to prove or push.
• Please follow the instructions of the teachers as you might do with a yoga or salsa teacher.
• If you are new to this class it is natural to feel nervous. When we ask you to take a partner please do and know that we are here to develop boundary skills as much as freedom skills. Take your own authority as to what feels appropriate with each partner.
• This is a deep, transformational class. On leaving, please be sure to have fully returned to your body before driving

• Newcomers are always welcome.
• Please wear loose comfortable clothes and layers are recommended.
• Please wear a soft shoe or barefoot - no socks on the dance floor.
• Please bring a bottle of water.
• Please enter the space in silence.
• Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or jewelry.
• No gum.


"She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire." Charles Bukowski.
Kate Shela reminds me of the strength it takes to embody vulnerability and truthful expression. Kate’s dance classes are my gold. Kate guides her dancers beneath the layers, she wakes us from the inertia, from the numbness. She reminds us- to feel it is to heal it. She asks us: Do you have the discipline to be free?”
Isabel Lucas, Actress

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Introducing Tim Booth

Tim Booth

Class will also be taught by Tim Booth

Tim is a teacher with over 25 years experience. He is trained in Voice Dialogue Therapy and The Meisner Technique. He is also the singer/songwriter/dancer in the band James who've been going strong for 34 years having sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Kate & Tim have been together 22 years. They combine a lifetime of creativity, humor and hardcore vulnerability.